Displacement and new machines
Your competent partner
for displacements of second-hand machines or
installations of new machines.
1. Engineering services in the planning area (electrics/mechanics/logistics)
PERiT provides detailed offers with a fixed price guarantee.
Site inspections.
PERiT organizes already in the pre-planning project meetings
and prepares precise schedules.
Construction using CAD in the area of system modification.
PERiT guarantees the smooth interaction of subcontractors
for large projects.
Problem solutions in the area of statics.
PERiT guarantees a complete flow of information.
PERiT offers its customers turnkey solutions.
2. Unloading and placing machines including all the necessary lifting equipment
Dismantling, reassembly and complete displacements
(electrical and mechanical) of machines of all types.
Dismantling, reassembly and new installations of printing
and packaging machines. The installations are carried out
independently or if necessary in cooperation with the
respective machine manufacturers.
Provision of all industrial trucks and lifting equipment required
for the machine installations.
3. Displacement of complete productions lines including start-up
Complete business displacements of printing works
and plants of the packaging industry.
Mechanical and electrical dismantling and reassembly
of the systems including function tests and start-up.
Complete planning of the logistics by land, sea and air.
Shipping handling worldwide including professional packaging.
4. Installation of new systems
Installation of new systems in the graphics industry.
Installation of new systems in the packaging industry.
We install flexographic printing machines, extrusion and
non-woven systems as well as complete paper bag lines including automation.
Supervision installations of new machines in the area of
printing and packaging machines nationally and internationally.
Electrical installation of new machines.
Factory installations at different machine manufacturers in
the printing and packaging industry.